The Quantum Dive - Spiraling Swim into the Oceans of Your Soul

Quantum physics in my opinion proves the necessity for the respect we must have for each other and this planet for our survival. It proves that we are all inextricably connected and impacted by the negative things we do to each-other and ourselves. Extinction of a species has always been due to the disruption of the intricacies involved in the delicate universal movements necessary for life. As you explore quantum physics you begin to realizing the interconnections of dark matter and light consciousness (Yin/Yang). With dark matter as the leading source of all life it would make sense why the human Psyche is at an odd when it comes to darkness. Just like we don’t understand the phenomenally powerful twisting energy of black holes.

In my opinion, it’s all a physical representation of the lack of knowledge we have of self. In this you find that we are somehow exactly where we need to be. Without dark you cannot experience light (Yin/Yang). Without something to threaten your life (death) you wouldn’t understand how precious it is to be in the now. Without any of the extreme polarities that exist for our comparison we would risk not learning a lesson that can further the evolution of human consciousness and experience.

Though I would hope for all of us to realize the need for unification in some aspect I realize the destruction and chaos is apart of the process.

Now I have been learning the importance of speaking from a place of facts vs feelings and solutions vs aimlessly speaking.

What can we do now about any of the problems we are experiencing on this planet ? Well, it starts with us. Knowledge of self can Help equip you with the mindset needed to begin awakening the divine neuromelanin inside of yourself . The dark matter that understands and know that’s all things are interconnected and moves in a way to further evolve the delicate dance of life. Considering all factors in the matter. We want to remember what it feels like to exist, think, and live from this space.

By waking up and walking into our purpose we in turn help push the earth, the world, and the a little piece of the universe into the progress of evolution. This evolution is the result of our transcending all things that hinder this spiritual metamorphis essential to the experience of being a human. That delicate dance of life similar to the ascending and descending energies of our nervous system to spiraling energy located in our spines (Kundalini).

So instead of killing each other, destroying what has been so good to us, and hurting ourselves turn on the music and dance instead.

Unify with your people and the world knowing that variety is the spice of life. We can be separate and still work together to enjoy life for all. The different types of people, cultural perspectives and ways of life are all fragmentation’s of the collective whole. We all fulfill a piece of the machinery like a transformer .

Particles imploding and exploding amongst in each other.

I hope that this brings peace and a Lead to a broader perspective for those observing the current obstacles we face in this society and world. This is a new perspective for me that I am learning to embrace . Nature, physics, and the sciences of life again in my opinion prove the necessity for unification.

Until we create solutions from

this perspective we continuously fail.

👽 - Chriss Eon

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