Shelley Parris w/ The Womb Sanctuary guest speaks tonight in Sex Girl Magick - 10pm Live Recording

Updated: Jun 25

Sex Girl Magick Official Saturday Premiere on Eon Tv via Youtube - 10pm est -

Hey ladies tonight join us for Sex Girl Magick hosted by Ella and Chriss Eon. Tonight we are taking baby steps and preparing for sexual manifesting (for those interested). Previous shows we covered the ancient history of Sex Girk Magick with Alicia Renée of OmiUniverse and the caution that should be expressed before diving into gaining control of your energy and what you project into the world.

Our second show we got a little into introducing chakras , our root and sacral chakras, and the scientific proof that we are beings of energy. Documentary: Resonance Beings of Frequency

Check out this very informational video

Energy, energy, energy! You slowly find out as you dive into the knowledge of self how life is truly about energy. We’ll get into the basics, explain how it connects to sex, spirituality , our physical anatomy , and cleansing in preparation to manifest your greatest and highest intentions into the world.

And of course we will be covering all of this with the lovely Shelley Parris of the Womb Sanctuary during our second half. Hear Shelley’s experience with Sex Magic and connect with the Womb Sanctuary. And don’t forget to check out a exclusive “Pussy Prayers Sacred and Sensual Rituals for Wild Women of Color ” by Shelley Paris. She is also an official Yoni Egg distributor.

Guest Speaker Details: Shelley Parris & The Womb Sanctuary

Sacred Femcare Practice:

The Womb Sanctuary on IG:

Sexual manifestation or transmutation

Not what you think it is

Video Point: From pleasure to Will power : Sexual Transmutation Guide

What x Podcast

When x Friday’s 10pm est

Where x EON TV & EON Radio

Hosts x Ella & Chriss Eon

Call In Line: 407.801.9644


Are your chakras balanced and opened?


Tonights Talking Points

  • What this podcast is about

  • Intro to Chakra

  • Root and Sacral

  • Sexual Manifestation - Not what you think it is.

  • From Pleasure to Will Power

  • Preparing for Sexual Manifesting. Cleansing ritual.

  • Shelley Parris speaks on Sex Magic, Cleansing, and women's sexuality and spirituality.

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