Sex Girl Magick episode 5: So good you can sell it a bottle. Hormones. Control them or be controlled

What x Podcast Live Recording

When x Friday’s 10pm est (official podcast airs on Saturdays via major platforms)

Where x EON TV & EON Radio

Hosts x Ella & Chriss Eon

Call In Line: 407.801.9644


Are your chakras balanced and opened?


Tonights Talking Points

  • Why Sex Sells

  • Sexual Energy/Urges Said to carry our spiritual essence/life source

  • Realizing emotion is stronger than Rational Thinking

  • Modern scientists have compared the brain tomography of an orgasm to shooting up heroine. -

  • Control Emotions via Thoughts or be controlled by our own powerful chemicals

  • Emotions 2.0 Trailer (Suggested Documentary Full Video on Prime Videos) -

  • Etymology & Definition of Emotions & Hormones

  • Methods of reprogramming/controlling thought patterns. Methods of Sexual Transmutation. Everyone is different. Warning! Do not attempt unless you are grounded, solid in positive thoughts and emotions of self.

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