EON TV episode 2 -Kindness for Weakness - Chriss Eon chats Kam from the tribe

Updated: May 19

In my eyes it takes much more strength to empathize, to care, and to be transparent than it does to be distant, careless, and shady. I mean there’s SO many people in the world! Though I’m not sure if all 7 billion of us can get along, I’m pretty sure fall outs and altercations don’t make it any fun either.

Be it that your overtly kind to the point of experiencing what some refer to as the ‘shorter end of life’. Or your a complete control freak to the point where you’ll make sure you always win. Burning unnecessary bridges can eventually burn a hole through your reputation.

Though some of us may not see the immediate need to be generally kind, get to know, or look out for your fellow human (due to negative experiences, cognitive bias’s, and other perspectives molded from societal programming) it is actually scientifically proven that we need each other.

it is not the number of social relationships that determines whether people feel lonely. Rather, it is the emotional and cognitive reactions the individual experiences in relation to these connections that play a role in experiencing loneliness. For example, social interactions where an individual feels the following are associated with loneliness:
Emotional conflict
Lack of social support

Interacting in a way opposite of transparency can lead to others misunderstanding you in the long run. They can misread who you are and act accordingly based off of these assumptions.

Now please, do not be misunderstood. I am not envisioning a happy-go-lucky, jolly, world, where we sit each other in circles and sing kumbaya (but there is an African tribe that does lol. No lies., check it out! -https://www.snopes.com/fact-check/african-reconnection-ritual/). This world is DEFINITELY dark with over 43 million lost to human trafficking and around a said 50k into the U.S alone each year (https://www.snopes.com/fact-check/african-reconnection-ritual/). Not to mention the decline in the overall condition of earth, starving people, war, etc.

But on a day to day basis general life is also like a rollercoaster and the misunderstandings amongst relationships/interactions can make it harder.

I understand life to be like sound waves and wavelengths. There are up hills and down hills on the line you walk called your life path to orchestrate the soundtrack of your life.

So if your someone who naturally extends kindness then it’s important for you to understand projection and protection of your energy. How to find the balance needed to be your genuine free spirited self and dance to the beat of your own vibes. And without the risk of your heart growing cold. I can’t imagine life being vibrant with those sort of emotions to carry simply because you didn’t know how to protect your space. Especially due to a general consensus that to be kind is to be weak. So let’s check out how we can avoid such dealings while still enjoying the opportunities that come from trust, unity, and community.

Check out Episode 2 of Eon | Radio where I chop it up with Kilimanjaro Tribe, CEO Kennis Morse Jr. You may also stream this episode on Sayarii Eon TV on YouTube!

Premiering 1/27/20 - 7:15pm est on Sayarii Eon Tv and Eon Radio 7pm est.

I’de love to hear from you! Comment below and let me know how this made you feel. Whether or not you have suggestions on how to project your kindness from being thought of as weak!


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