Ownership and Accountability . Key elements to growth.

One of the subconscious minds most powerful tricks is denial. It keeps you blind and bound to your perspective as though it is THE perspective for all of mankind. That just isn’t realistic as one person couldn’t possibly experience ALL there is to experience. To see the world through such a lens can be crippling, stifling, and deathly. Yes, deathly .

Why such a choice of words?

See my example of the difference between perspectives of denial and ownership.

Well, in my opinion, it's deathly as it’s a slow death by suicide. I can hear the melody as I sing “Killing me softly... with his song” (The Fugees)

His song but your choice to entertain the song of death. So in my opinion to sing ”Killing myself slowly with this song” is synonymous with the original lyric.

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However, with the denial lens mounted on your camera, there is NO way you would ever see it as your responsibility. It’s always what you’ve been through and how because of others this has happened TO you. Though it is true that sometimes the shaping of one's perspective to this POV may not be their fault, it is still not an excuse.

Imagine living life only seeing this way. Never owning your actions and holding yourself accountable for the current state of your life.

We are quick to claim Did it, did it, did it by myself, by myself dog” (from Drake Still Here) when success and victory unfold.

How about the same level of accountability while we are down on the bottom, messing up?How about ownership of the fact that you're not there yet and still climbing an endless totem pole.

So all I’m saying is if you don't like where you are at in life right now then you should look inward. Ask yourself a few questions.

What did you do to contribute to your current reality?

Most importantly, How can one facilitate a plan to change and take control of their lives for the better?

As no one is forcing anything upon you and no one can do to you what you don't allow.

It was the hardest task to face my own toxicity.

My own selfishness and the fact that I was the orchestrator of my own demise. Like a terrible virus of the subconscious mind running in the background. Or like the mind-controlling parasitic worms that take over the mind of rats and cause them to commit suicide by fighting cats (It was on a Netflix Documentary lol Wonders of The World I think ).

I thank the friend who left me a breadcrumb encouraging me to look into the subconscious mind. It literally catapulted me into facing the portions of my psyche that had been locked away.

You cant face what you don't know is there.

Change needs accountability and ownership as the anchors and foundation of our evolution as humans.

If there is anything that I can say to anyone in pain and struggling it is to

Ditch the narrative and ask yourself “how can I take ownership of this?”

Most importantly, How can one facilitate a plan to change and take control of theirr lives for the better?

You are NOT a powerless piece of debris in the wind. You are everything powerful and at that moment your thoughts and your actions are apart of the storm.

I challenge you to look in the mirror the next time something happens that you don’t like and take ownership and accountability for YOUR life.

- With Love

Your friendly Neighborhood Alien

Chriss Eon


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