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I recently purchased the Elderberry Moss Blend from Melissa of Divine Essence. I must say that I am completely surprised and impressed by the taste of her blends. Sea Moss in my opinion is an acquired taste.

Her blends are a perfect mixture and so yummy that I often find myself taking a table spoon right out of the mason jar she delivers them in. She provides a high quality service complete with a welcome letter educating you on the many healing properties of Sea Moss.

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I was blessed to meet this exotic beauty at Somica Studios for Leo Season meditation session (hosted by Cheche). It was a great experience. Especially because I had already been looking for a place to purchase sea moss. She’s a pure light of positive energy and an amazing testimony to the benefits of clean eating, determination, and exercise. She shared a story of having lost over 140lbs! She is know for her daily instagram boomerangs where we are blessed to get a glimpse of some extremely clear and beautiful skin. Another health benefit of the use of sea moss!

If you are interested in healthy alternatives to mainstream medicines and practices then follow Divine Essence! Order a jar of her sea moss today and make sure you leave a review. I guarantee you will NOT be disappointed.

Also if you live in the central florida area then you may want to come out and purchase a sample on 8/16/20 4pm-7pm. Melissa will be vending at the Thornton Community for the Re-Wiring and Re-Membering Your Original self event by Kilimanjaro Tribe. This FREE event features a one of a kind interactive meditative experience equipped with LED bluetooth headphones. Dress comfortable and bring your yoga matts! And look forward to learning all about #SeaMossWithMeli .

Event Link and Details:

Re-Wiring and Re-Membering Your Original Self Sunday’s


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