Ivan (Bishop) of 365 Entertainment Interview

Last year during the AuxWars showcase in October I had the pleasure of meeting some pretty awesome people. One of those people happened to be the founder of 365 Entertainment, Ivan Serrano. He introduced himself as such and shared that he had some plans to collaborate and connect with people in Orlando. I even had the opportunity to watch him perform towards the end of the night. This multi talented Orlando entrepreneur has recently stepped out onto the scene with a level of nobility that should be recognized for such a young hustler.

Though this is just the beginning of his journey I can definitely say that his hustle is certified. So far I was able to witness the EDC Free Ticket Giveaway that launched in September of last year. He was also able to curate and be apart of customizing the most recent music video for Orlando artist @_dreci .

He’s recently paired with Latin Urban University and a group of other powerhouse entrepreneurs to bring you some sophisticated visuals. I truly believe this gentlemen has a special touch when it comes to linking people across cultures in the Orlando entertainment scene AND he has a niche in providing quality products.

365 Entertainment is a talent agency offering services to provide you with models, dancers for parties/weddings/music videos, photography, videography, and much more. What better way to get the 411 scoop other than asking the source themselves?! Check out written question and answer below as well as his video interview with Chriss Eon.

If your looking for any of the services above please contact him via the appropriate links as follows:

IG: 365 Entertainment

IG: Ivan Serrano Bishop 365

Email: 365entertainmentfl@gmail.com

Chriss Eon: What is your name? What name do you go by?
Bishop: My name is Ivan Serrano and my influencer and promoter name is Bishop 
Chriss Eon: What is the name of your business ?
Bishop: 365entertainment
Chriss Eon: What inspired the name of your business ? 
Bishop: I knew that I wanted a universal name so that I avoid limiting myself to how much we can grow and "365" is not only how many days are in a year but also associated with my instagram handle "@bishop365".
Chriss Eon: How Do You Plan On Growing Your Business?
Bishop: The short answer is we have come up with countless ways to have people tuning in on a weekly basis to our instagram next year along with multiple marketing strategies that will help bring exposure to the company while creating cross partnerships and attracting sponsors through events we will be curating throughout 2020, all while maintaining our professional reputation through the services we will be providing our clients. 
Chriss Eon: How Did You Build Your Team? 
Bishop: I understand that taking care of the team and making sure they are happy can only help ensure long term loyalty as well as consistent productivity, and so we have recruited some of the best talent in Orlando while networking in the city and presenting models, videographers, photographers and more the opportunity to work with a company that has an infinite growth potential.  Chriss Eon: Are you still looking for new team members ? : If so, how should those interested in joining the movement contact you?
Bishop: We are currently looking for aspiring models, dancers of all kinds, comedians, entertainers of any kind, promoters, security guards/bouncers, photographers and videographers. Anyone interested in joining our team or network can call 407-364-6546, send a direct message to @365entertainmentFL on instagram or email us at 365entertainmentFL@gmail.com Chriss Eon: How do you handle adversity and self doubt ?  Bishop: I don't believe in failure, only obstacles, so with anything I do I go in with the mindset that one or two things may not go as planned but that's okay, because the plus side of something not going my way is the experience gained to better avoid the same issue arising at another time, and so instead of having it affect me negatively I embrace adversity and look at it as a positive thing.  Chriss Eon: What mistake have you made that you wish you could have avoided? 
Bishop: None that I regret, any mistake that I have made I have learned from and I am thankful for that but if I must choose one I think it would be my approach when I first started emailing and reaching out to local businesses, I quickly realized that I had to learn what it takes to properly and professionally present a company or person with a business proposal and brush up on my public relation skills. Chriss Eon: What do you think is needed to be a good leader ?
Bishop: Perfecting whatever craft or skill that pertains to the leader's team so that the leader can lead by example, the ability to clearly articulate direction, fairness, passion, patience and an understanding nature. Chriss Eon: Do you consider yourself a leader? If not , do you want to be a leader and if so how do you plan on conveying to the city that you are here and ready to do so?
Bishop: The only reason I consider myself a leader is because I am currently leading a team, otherwise I would say I have the potential to do or be so, and the way I plan on proving myself to the city is through results, we aim to be so hard to ignore that people have no choice but to not only recognize us, but see our value and consider working with us on making the difference we aim to make in the entertainment industry.  Chriss Eon: Now , lets not be so serious lol.  Chriss Eon: Where do you like to go out for fun ?  Bishop: It's really hard not to associate this company with the word fun because I genuinely enjoy what I do for people and what I'm building but when I want to get away and take a break I typically enjoy the beach and i'm also always open for a thrill so a drive in a fast car , riding a roller coaster. Chriss Eon: If you could have a super power what would it be ?
Bishop: Call me boring but my super power would be the ability to make peoples hate diminish and create world peace by fixing people's mental health.  Chriss Eon: What is your favorite song and why ?  Bishop: A tough question with how fast music changes and with how many good songs are out there but definitely has to be "pray for me" by Joe Budden because of the message behind it and the creativity in the concept.  Chriss Eon: With the new year approaching any New Year's resolution?
Bishop: None at all, but I do know I am going into 2020 with a positive mindset and one main mission, to become better, wiser, learn from any adversity I may face and continue to build this empire so that my future family doesn't have to go through the struggles and poverty I faced growing up.  Chriss Eon: And lastly, how did you enjoy your experience with me and my brand Sayarii Eon media haus +?  Bishop: From the energy and good vibes to the valuable knowledge you all share to make a difference, it was truly a pleasure having this opportunity and meeting a part of the Sayarii Eon and Kilimanjaro Tribe team and I'm looking forward to seeing you all grow! Thank you!

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