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Updated: May 19

I absolutely adore the creative energy. It holds no discrimination and allows you to truly get to know people and what they hold close to their heart. Speaking of hearts lol Meet Tasha S. Heart! Mother of 3 and wife of 19 years. And that's not all she's also a published Author! With eBooks, prints, and hard copies for sale on major platforms with companies like Barnes & Noble's and Amazon. The most interesting part is that she's a Romance and Erotica Author!

Tasha also happens to be a member of one of Sayarii Eon's public groups called "The Parent's Creative" currently available to parents via Facebook groups. The parent's creative is a safe place for parents to share tips and tricks on how to juggle parenthood while cultivating the 'child spirit' still alive and thriving in them.

Once I found out that she was a published author I could not resist the opportunity to connect and highlight. Her husband did a Halloween comedy special with my previous Company Ribelu "Home of the Black Sheep" (Sonny's Tattoo #Tatted Life). They are dynamic duo and powerhouse of creativity.

Tasha S. Heart on the surface level appears to be a very reserved and introverted woman but she is a powerhouse of confidence and passion. You can see it in the boldly written publications she has shared with the world via the world wide web.

Listen to Tasha S. Heart's interview on Eon Radio via the link below:

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Watch Tasha S. Heart on #SayariiEonTv on #Youtube below.

Some of her books are a part of a series with favorite and returning characters like Jake from "My Roommates girl". She enjoys the drama that surrounds love, passion, lust, and love triangles. It's a common part of life that everyone can relate too. It's natural as we grow up to experiment with different relationships in search of finding the write partner. Sex and passion is one of the most dominant driving forces of being a human. Tasha enjoys this part of life and creating entertaining stories around situations people can relate too.

She also partners with co-author J.J Marstead who can be found via the link below.I love the support and collaboration among women. It's a needed thing in the WORLD in my opinion. Together the unity of women among cultures can move national mountains.

( https://www.facebook.com/j.j.marsteadauthor )

I personally admire her for breaking all odd's and stereotypes of what a mom/wife should look like or what she should be doing with her aspirations. Being sexy and passionate is honestly a big part of what it means to be a woman. Men chase that for a life-time in my opinion. Even in nature the male animals go through the storm and the fire to be deemed worth enough to mate.

I believe Tasha's endeavors as an Erotica Author is a perfect example of how to balance parenthood and that creative (child) energy within. With the success from her writings, steady distribution of content, beautiful and healthy children, and happy husband/partner of 19 years it does seem as though she's balancing it all very well.

If you are interested in getting a little hot and steamy and diving into the worlds spawned from the mind of Tasha S. Heart then you may want to check out her upcoming book.

Find Tasha S. Heart Online via the following links:


Amazon Author Page- http://www.amazon.com/Tasha-S.-Heart/e/B016WG5MLC/ref=ntt_dp_epwbk_0



Facebook Page-https://www.facebook.com/Tasha-S-Heart-862010407230484/?ref=hl

My Website- http://tashasheart.wix.com/tashasheart

Tasha: I am currently working on a love-triangle erotica/romance, Wanting All or Nothing. Without giving too much away, it involves old friends that had a relationship pact when they were younger. Now that Ella is engaged, Sean is afraid he'll never get his chance to make her his. I would also like to eventually do a podcast audio drama retelling of my work in the near future.

Look below for her personally written answers to my questions:

Chriss Eon: What is your name? Do you have a pen alias?
Tasha: My pen name is Tasha S. Heart
Chriss Eon: Where can we find your work? Who is your Publisher ?
Tasha: All my titles are available where e-books are sold. Amazon.com, Barnes&Nobles, Kobo.com, iTunes Books, and Smashwords.com. My novels are available in paperback through Amazon.com. My existing work was published with eXcessica Publishing. My work is still available through them. In the future, I might self-publish or find another publisher unless eXcessica will release new titles.
Chriss Eon: When did you first realize that you wanted to be a writer?
Tasha: It started in high school and developed in my adulthood. I started reading erotica. Selena Kitt helped spark my passion, when I read Under Mr. Nolan's Bed. I started reading more and started writing during my spare time. I would have my co-workers read my work. I quickly became known as "the naughty book girl". I liked their reaction and that fueled me to continue and work to get published.
Chriss Eon: What is your writing style, category, and/or genre?
Tasha: I write erotica/contemporary romance. Depending on the story, I write either in 1st POV or 3rd POV.
Chriss Eon: How long have you been writing?
Tasha: I started writing about five years ago.
Chriss Eon: Do you want each book to stand on it’s own or build a body of work with connections between each?
Tasha: I have some books that are part of their own series. Most are stand-alone.
Chriss Eon: What is the most hot and heavy scene you’ve ever written?
Tasha: The scene that comes to mind would be from My Roommate's Girl. The main character, Jax tries to seduce his roommate/best friend's new girlfriend, Mia. She's waiting for her boyfriend, Lance and decides to watch a porno that belongs to Jax. Jax walks in on her and is upset for a moment until he decides to make a move on her. This sparks the desire to have her and claim her virginity. I like the scene because Jax loses all control and gives into his desire for someone he wouldn't normally be with. He becomes intoxicated by her innocents and is willing to do what is needed to get what he wants. It's the art of the hunt that I think makes it steamy. Mia is forbidden territory and Jax can't resist her.
Chriss Eon: Do you have any friends who are authors as well ? Did they help you to become an author today? Or was/is this a solo journey?
Tasha: I have met authors along my journey. And I thank my fans, small or big. New and old. I love the community I'm now a part of. The authors I've gotten to know are supportive and willing to lend a hand. Although we haven't met in person, I admire them. J.J. Marstead, co-author of My Roommate's Girl and Reclaiming His Girl, has been great. We started off as strangers to writing amazing books together. She was my first/so far only co-author and I can't believe how well we worked together. It was so easy bouncing ideas and the storyline with each other.
Chriss Eon: What is your overall message and goal with your endeavors as an author?
Tasha: I hope my writing helps inspire my readers as a person and helps them get through anything they would like to escape from. I enjoy writing what I feel people can relate to. I like to have the reader picture the lives of the characters. Everyone goes through something, whether it's stress, lack of passion, etc. I want to create something to help my fans inspire them. Even if it's just to entertain their own imagination.
Chriss Eon: What is your next upcoming project? and/or your most recent ?
Tasha: I am currently working on a love-triangle erotica/romance, Wanting All or Nothing. Without giving too much away, it involves old friends that had a relationship pact when they were younger. Now that Ella is engaged, Sean is afraid he'll never get his chance to make her his. I would also like to eventually do a podcast audio drama retelling of my work in the near future.

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