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Updated: May 19

Sunday 1/12/20 the stars aligned, pointed, and lead us to Nebraska Avenue in Tampa, FL. The Womb Sanctuary was the place to be for a solid circle of people.

Founder Shelley Parris sets her life goals and passions on providing A Sacred Space for Women to BE Seen, Heard, & loved!

I am honored to be able to shed any light that I can on this movement and establishment that Shelley has created.

Episode 3 of Eon Radio and Sayarii Eon Tv allows me to share with you guys an in depth question and answer interview and sneak peak into the circle.

Shelley Parris recently reached out to the founder of Kilimanjaro Tribe as she has been divinely instructed to open the doors of the Womb Sanctuary and share space with the divine masculine. Men have frequently asked about a space for them and now by popular demand and guidance she has now embarked on this journey.

She is organizing many events with a colleague and close friend named "Kareem Young" with L.I.F.T Health. Kareem Young provided a stabilizing vibration of deeply rooted intuitive and learned knowledge to help bridge any gaps during the event on 1/12/20. His presence was humbly felt and graciously needed to bring balance and understanding to the group as a whole. The divine feminine and masculine energy created among them was a POWERFUL example of why the need to share this type of space with each other is needed.

We were able to receive a sound healing and cleansing session from Shelley prior to observing a channeling session by a powerful woman named Lisa. She's a 3rd generation Healer who channels, provides readings, and guidance to those in need. She was able to provide insight to some of the attendees as that Sunday was about honoring and acknowledging our ancestors in a way that is needed for the evolution of community.

The Womb Sanctuary promotes embracing your heritage, the use of cultural practices, and taking in knowledge straight from your ancient roots up to your divine crown. They are looking to continue and grow the promotion of spiritual self evolution. With an end goal to obtain unity among tribes for the growth, development, and sustaining of a community that must be established among the tribes.

With this energy and space being extended outward to the divine masculine we are positive the results birthed from the natural atomic bond of the growing man and woman will be astounding for the community.

instagram: https://www.instagram.com/thewombsanctuary/

facebook: https://www.facebook.com/thewombsanctuary/

I am personally looking to get a group of men and women together with additions from the younger crowd to attend any of Shelley's event's. We are hoping to build and grow a bond from our brothers and sisters in Orlando over to the growing family surrounding Shelley Parris and the Womb Sanctuary.

Check out Shelley's written question and answer session below AND episode 3 and hear the important message delivered by The Womb Sanctuary's Shelley Parris, L.I.F.T Health's CEO Kareem Young, and Lisa with @thebougiehipsters on instagram.

Chriss Eon: What is The Womb Sanctuary?
Shelley Parris: A Sacred Space for Women to BE Seen, Heard & Loved. We create High Vibrational experiences for women to explore, discover and live their sweetest truth while giving birth to their highest vision.
Chriss Eon: When did you establish The Womb Sanctuary?
Shelley Parris: Nov 2014
Chriss Eon: What services do you provide?
Shelley Parris: A signature system that blends Holistic Health, Life Coaching, Mind Mastery and Energy Medicine; We integrate a harmonic system of breathing techniques, revitalizing postures, power mantras and creative visualization coupled with sound, color and spatial therapy, guided meditations and ongoing support.
Our system is delivered through one on one (in-person or virtual sessions) or group experiences. Workshops, classes and transformational destination retreats. All designed to help one cultivate a radically unapologetic selfLove and selfCare practice. Heal trauma and create emotional wellBEING for transformational growth.
Chriss Eon: What is the basis/foundation of your belief system?
Shelley Parris: I am a spiritual being that derives my inspiration from Divine Source, which is expressed in the forms of indigenous and ancient practices passed down by our ancestors and ascended masters throughout time. This allows me the freedom to take from various spiritual teachings and practices to support my life and the way in which I choose to walk it , without being bound my anyone else’s labels.
Chriss Eon: Do you subscribe to any particular denomination of worship?
Shelley Parris: I subscribe to the denomination of worship that supports my being in whatever it needs at any given time. It comes in a variety of forms, through communion with nature, movement, breath, sound, mediation… anything that allows me to vibrate higher in my divinity.
Chriss Eon: Would you consider your services and establishment a means/place of worship or a way of life ? Why one and not the other or does it contain both?
Shelley Parris: What a great question and now that you have posed it in that way, I would say yes to both. It is enabling you to connect, commune and worship the Divinity that is you. To remind you of your connectedness to all. To see yourself through divine eyes and sense with divine touch. To feel with every fiber of your being the light, magick, love. Magnificence, brilliance, creativity… POWER that is you! It gives you the right to Own and connect with Your InnerG -
Chriss Eon: Have you always been on this path? If not, when did you know that it was your calling?
Shelley Parris: Even when I wasn’t I was because every sequence of events was leading up to this moment, this call, subconsciously it had been setting me up to coincide with it. Until one day you’re doing this thing and it transcends all space and time, it transports you to a height and depth within that once you FEEL it- You just know this it. Words cannot even begin to describe it.
Chriss Eon: Did you have to transition into this lifestyle? If so what was the greatest complication during your transition?
Shelley Parris: Yes there has been transition, initiations and transformations and will continue to be so as it is a living, breathing thing. The greatest opportunities have been the Growing process, the things that have to give way for the new way to emerge. It makes for some serious levels of discomfort, learning to trust the chaos involved with the creative process. Learn to honor and value relationships, the forms and times of their arrival and departure. It is learning to make the SHIFT in being able to perceive, trust, know that all things are working in my favor, that the Universe/God is conspiring on my behalf and I am being EMPOWERED by everything. It teaches you a simple prayer I am constantly saying. It is one of my mantras, THANK YOU!
Chriss Eon: What advice would you give to an audience of young girls and boys on how to decipher through the chaos of this world and evolve spiritually?
Shelley Parris: Take the time to go within, quiet all those outside voices, connect with a trusted elder, they have so much wisdom to provide. Don’t allow it to pass you by. Dig in!!! Stop seeking approval from a world that is set to make you a counterfeit when you’re a backed by God original design!
Chriss Eon: What do YOU feel the meaning of life is about ? -
Shelley Parris: A Journey of Connection of Remembering. There is a reason why we are all here. There was something in this earth that expressly called for you to SHOW UP… and you agreed, and said yes! Do yourself, us, and the world a favor… Listen up and answer your call!

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