Emmpowerr x Sex With Me Video Release brings me to soul-ties. Real or not ?

Updated: May 29

This past Sunday I had the pleasure of interviewing Emmpowerr an indie artist from Tampa, FL. I met her last year for AuxWars Tampa, FL music showcase hosted by @Mars3times on IG and celebrity host YesJulz with @1AmRadio. She was pure raw energy! She has a definite light and after hearing a little about her story you can’t help but form a sweet spot for her original character. At least I can’t help it and It’s because she’s real and genuine! There’s no gimmick with Emmpowerr. What you see and hear is what you get for the time. Don’t blink either! She’s very fluid and flexible with her messages and sound and is bound to switch it up at some point. I’ve heard a variety of topics that she says is all a reflection of her life experiences.

With hopes to support her loved ones and encourage others to be their most authentic self, I appreciate her courage to stand out against the tide. I won’t lie I wasn’t quite sure where she was headed with her strategy (and I’m still not sure honestly). But As of lately, she seems to be honing in on branding herself with the launch of a new campaign “Hoe It Up” (her way of saying Be yourself). She’s stirring up controversy with this one making it her goal to pick at the ones who deem themselves worthy enough to judge others. In a world where hypocrisy and criticism flourish she will not have a problem grabbing all sorts of attention negative and positive. She definitely caught mine. I’m a little different though. Grounded in the awareness that this is a spiritual experience that we are to figure out I saw her move as a positive one.

She’s young and very expressive right now but I do see a foundation forming. Especially with the release of her most recent song and music video titled “Sex with Me”. The song takes ya through a dead-end experience with a young man name Quinton. Lol yes, she gave specifics. Both of them were in situation-ships with others but decided to explore each other. Apparently all Quinton wanted nothing but quality time with her body. Emmpowerr has been through a lot of traumas as she briefly shares during our interview. She often felt anxiety and confusion when dealing with him and he often felt the remedy would reside with his penis. None the less the problem was never solved and the 2 have parted ways. Emmpowerr noticed as well that sex did not solve the issue in

this case. In addition, contrary to what one may think based on her presence and music Emmpowerr is actually practicing celibacy. Stating she is "All or nothing and saving herself for someone "who is all or nothing like her too. And even if she wasn't celibate I'm sure she would still HOE IT UP and tell the jury to mind their business lol.

There are positive and negatives aspects to sex just like anything else in life. Have you ever had sex with someone and felt worse than you felt before you did? Or even better?

Have you ever thought of that person and moments later they call? Often in the same mood as you? Coincidence? Lol the definition of the word coincidence proves there’s no such thing as chance. And 9/10 the synchronicities are for a reason.

As humans, I believe we need more information on who we are as human beings. We are literally loads of energy bound together by the frequencies of sounds unheard of by the human ear. Mixed together with flesh, blood, and bone. So with that being said, Did you know that soul ties may be a real thing and not some fantasy hocus-pocus? Well, don’t call me a liar! You can look it up yourself. The key to understanding this is to understand the brain and spinal cord.

The brain and the spine are responsible for how we operate via nerve impulses being sent from the brain to the spine via our nervous system.

What are nerve impulses? Well - Merriam dictionary states a signal transmitted along a nerve fiber. It consists of a wave of electrical depolarization that reverses the potential difference across the nerve cell membranes.

I know it seems so boring to read it this way but let the words sink in. We are transmitters if energy. More proof of this is the fact that we give off heat. Heat is a form of energy. It is a known scientific fact that heat can be transferred from one object to another. We have been conditioned not to see the magic in who we are. Another example of the proof of the power we harness within is when someone is in the ER on their death bed. The nurses come barging in with some crazy device in both hands, they lay you on the table and boom! They send thousands of electrical bolts into one's body in hopes of bringing them back if their own heart ceases to transmit energy/impulses.

I say all of this to say that knowledge of our power as humans can empower us to balance our frequencies. Making yourself aware of the different methods available to balance your energy. Balancing and tuning yourself can help you to avoid negative soul ties or to attract positive soul ties that feed you mentally and spiritually.

Stay tuned for a more in-depth episode on the various scientific facts that show we are beings of energy and frequencies.

In the meantime read Emmpowerr's written interview responses with me.

If you would like to follow her on instagram click the link below. Or simply google EMMPOWERR on google and you will find her EVERYWHERE. lol, her words not mines. Knock em dead Emmpowerr, I wish you all the success and happiness moving forward in your journey on this planet.

IG: https://www.instagram.com/emmpowerr/

Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/5NpRBPmB4sxLv6V0reFbRL

Chriss Eon: Whats your name ?
Emmpowerr: Emmpowerr
Chriss Eon: How’d you come up with Emmpowerr?
Emmpowerr: I was interviewing on HCC radio station and my best friend Eddie at the time told me I needed a stage name. He said Queen and then queen Emmpowerr and there was wayyy too many queens on the radio so we changed it to DJ Empower. After 2 years of being a DJ I shortened it to just Empower to start doing music. But on instagram someone already took the @empowerr so i just doubled the m and the r. Im happy with it now
Chriss Eon: When did you first realize that you wanted to be an artist ?
Emmpowerr: After 2 years of interviewing I was inspired by all the artists who I had come in contact with. I always wrote poems and songs but never thought I could actually be an artist. Hearing everyone’s stories made me feel confident enough to do my first song.
Chriss Eon: Who is your greatest inspiration and muse ?
Emmpowerr: I actually don't know. I just love Tampa and the music that we make.
Chriss Eon: What’s the most embarrassing thing you’ve experienced on your journey so far as an artist?
Emmpowerr: I have fallen in lust/like with a lot of these rappers on the scene. I find it to be sooo embarrassing. Some of these guys never deserved me or my time. Now i am kinda known as that girl, whispers and such, but i hold my head high and continue to try not to embarrass myself in that way again.
Chriss Eon: What inspired the song Sex with me ? Who came up with the video concept ?
Emmpowerr: Quinton. Thats the name that inspired this song. Always wanting to fix everything with his penis. He wont listen to me so i wrote a son to get all my emotions about him out. Another song I wrote called Inhale Exhale is also about him as well. My best friend Thuggy D and I came up with the concept together for the video. I wanted to show both women and men can try to use sex to fix problems so thats why i have a woman on one side and a man on the other.
Chriss Eon: What would be your dream come true in life or in this industry ?
Emmpowerr: In life, to be able to provide for my sister. I want her to be able to go for her dreams without the problems of money to ever weigh her down. I want to be able to get my mom out of debt and move her to somewhere amazing, the house of her dreams.
In this industry, I want to be able to work with Timberland and do something no one has even thought of doing in this age. I want to work with Teyanna Taylor, Devon Terell and Jhene Aieko.
Chriss Eon: Do you believe in aliens ? Why or why not ?
Emmpowerr:I believe that there is no chance in hell that we are the only life beings in this universe.
Chriss Eon: What is your message for young people following you? What’s your purpose as an artist ?
Emmpowerr: My message is to Hoe it up. Now is my message for the young ones? No. But I would say the kid version of Hoe it up is “Be Yourself”. Don't let anyone make you feel inferior for being your true self. There are people in this world who don't know how to do that so the fact that you know how to, feel grateful. For my adults, HOE THAT SHIT UP! They're gonna call you a hoe no matter what you post, say, walk, think so you might as well stand firm in the ground and do whatever you want to do! I am a celebate woman and I still hoe it up. Things dont always have to be abut sex. They can be about your mind, your style, the way you talk. Be confident.
Chriss Eon: Where can we find you online ?
Emmpowerr: Google me
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