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Updated: May 29

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Welcome to the Kilimanjaro tribe app, making use of two professional careers and African

Spiritual Science to create the best version of yourself.

Image source; https://www.blackenterprise.com/ways-single-moms-make-extra-money/

Are you looking to make residual income? Would you like the opportunity to explore the

power of African Spiritual Science while subsequently earning up to 50% income-based on

referrals to our Kilimanjaro app? If so, this for you.

Whether you’re a small business owner, video blogger, or full-time mom you have the

opportunity to receive spiritual and economic growth through our app, particularly through

our manifestation sessions available daily.

However, first, let’s discuss the app a little.

What is the Kilimanjaro tribe and what does the app do?

Combining two professions as a neuro-linguistic programming practitioner and certified

hypnotist with African Spiritual Science, the Kilimanjaro app aims to reconnect our minds

from the busy and hectic world that is twenty-first century to knowledge of self,

empowerment, and self-love.

This is mainly achieved through our manifestation sessions, available daily on the app.

These manifestation sessions tap into the subconscious and rewire the brain to a more

functional and divine state – often something we find ourselves slipping out of in this hectic

world while subsequently realigning the rest of our DNA to greater health and divinity.

These daily manifestation sessions, through African Spiritual Science and expertise, allows

you to hone and maximize your internal reality, therefore, allowing you to maximize and

create your ideal proactive external reality.

Mental toughness

Gary Seaman, a psychologist in San Francisco, CA explains mental toughness as the ability

to keep going and push through difficult situations in life, whether you need to go back to

school for more training, quit your job, or make a significant life decision, you must be

mentally tough to truly conquer your unique situation.

Do you want to increase your mental toughness? The answer we’re looking for is, yes.

Whatever industry you work in, whether you’re a full-time blogger, police officer, or run a

podcast, developing your mental toughness will improve your performance, increase your

ability to gain knowledge, and help you see greater results in all aspects of your life –

allowing us to create our ideal reality.

However, what if you could make an income while honing African Spiritual Science

and seeing these great results yourself?

Well, that’s exactly what we’re offering here at Kilimanjaro Tribe. For every one-hundred

people you refer and sign-up to the app, you’ll receive 50% of the earnings.

So, what are you waiting for? Work on yourself while providing money on the side to work

on your passions, create that blog you’ve always wanted, or to travel the world – the

possibilities are endless.

The bottom line

Combining hypnosis alongside neuro-linguistic programming with African Spiritual Science,

we can provide you with the opportunity to develop your internal and external self to the best

possible version. Increasing your productivity, ability to learn, and performance in every-day

life while also making an income, what is there not to like?

The app is available from 01/26/20 and is due to release on both the app store and google

play store for IOS and Android devices alike.

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